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Hey! I’m so excited that you found me! Are you ready to start repairing your blistered relationship with food and with your body? ALL without dieting, detoxing, rebooting nor stepping on the scale? My passion is to help women learn how to eat, feel awesome in their body right where they are while finally gaining control over food! If you are ready?


if you are a  self-learner… go read my blog posts and take matters into your own hands…

The Results You Desire Are Just On The Other Side Of This

Alright my friends, let’s get REALLY real today. Let’s get behind some REAL change. Let’s put down our excuses and start “owning our shit”, as I love to say. 😊
And I like to use that word, not as a shock factor (that is SO not what I am about) but because we have SO much messy, gross, unattractive STUFF that we just want to hide. We want to sweep it under the rug and forget about. But eventually, like shit…it can’t be ignored. It starts to smell and guess what, you have to do something about it!

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The All Or Nothing Diet Behavior Trap – How To Keep It From Ruining Your Progress

Have you ever said to yourself or perhaps others, “I will start tomorrow” OR started a diet one day and ate something that is not “on plan” and “ruined your progress”?
Had a “cheat weekend” or “cheat day” to reward yourself for staying on your diet? Or you woke up, stepped on the scale and didn’t see any progress, so you say “screw it” and just ate what you wanted to that day. The WHOLE day.

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How Diets Can Give You The Illusion Of Control

I was a professional dieter for MANY years of my life. I tried EVERY diet under the sun, or so it felt. And I was also, never able to stick to any one diet long term. Yes, there were diets that I did where I lost weight doing them, and that happened many times over BUT the key word “lasting” never applied.

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Why Every Nutritionist Tells You Something Different

This is something that used to confuse the hell out of me. Every diet book would have a different message. A different study to prove THIS IS THE WAY, and of course, every friend had something different that worked or works for them. AND every nutritionist you see, has different advice to send you out the door with. But how do you know what is right?

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What A Healthy Relationship With Food And Your Body Can look Like

Maybe you don’t know what I mean by, a “relationship” with food. Or, what I mean when I say a “relationship” with your body. Maybe, you don’t understand that you even NEED one, and so you can’t even grasp this concept. If this is you, it’s ok. I get you. There is nothing wrong with being in this space mentally, right now.
If you would have asked me this or told me this years ago, I would have looked at your weird.

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