What is “overwhelm” anyway?  You might hear people saying they feel “overwhelmed” or maybe even say, life is “overwhelming”.  By definition, overwhelm is “giving too much of a thing to someone”, “to overpower in thought or feeling”, “to be too much to deal with”, or “causing someone to feel sudden strong emotion”.

It’s a feeling that I have been very accustomed to living with for most of my life, and one that I didn’t know HOW to deal with, nor did I realize I could “deal with it” or make it better. I was frozen by this feeling and it tapped out all my energy to do anything at all. All I knew is that life is “busy”, I have a lot of people counting on me, I have a house, family, kids, grades to make and ARGH!!!!

So much to do and so much to accomplish and yet, NOT enough time in a day to do it all. Not even enough time in a week or year!! THEN…you have someone like me over here saying, you need to focus on “self-care” or “eating better” or “exercise” and you have these thoughts of either stabbing me or just lying on the floor in fetal position because you just “don’t know how you are going to be able to manage it all”.

Yet, you have goals. You have a vision of seeing yourself and your family healthy. You see yourself feeling energized because currently you feel like laying on the couch eating ice cream instead of cleaning your house, cooking dinner or let alone, going anywhere near a gym.

Does this sound like you? 

It was totally me and you know what, it sucked. I was unhappy and tired of being tired all the damn time. Tired of feeling like everyone was “killing it” while I was over here not doing anything but surviving my days instead of thriving and being awesome.

Yes, I had a lot going on in my life, still do, and especially when my kids were littler. It always seemed like a mad house, cooking this, cleaning that, playdates all over the damn place, going to work, never getting a real day off to rest BUT I wasn’t going to give in and give up that easy.

My family needed me, hell, I needed me AND I needed to be on my “A game”, and so I had to figure out a way to STOP being in this cycle, being foggy, and feeling so damn crazy overwhelmed all the time, so that I could literally stand up and just “get shit done”.

Are you feeling this way right now?

Do you WANT to feel like you are participating in the human race and living a life you enjoy instead of dreading getting up each day and doing it again because you are just so overwhelmed? I did and I have *3 tips to share with you that were big game changers for me in switching me from zombie to the peppy me, that you know today.

And no, you don’t have to buy a supplement, a workout program, or go on the dreaded “D” word, diet. You just have to be open to the possibility that this feeling of overwhelm is more of a choice than anything else and from this place, start taking the steps to changing it.

Does this mean you will never experience overwhelm ever again? Heck no. This is life but these are tools to implement to take your power back and have the super power of choice!

*Overwhelm is an emotion, It’s a feeling. You may feel overwhelmed, but just because we feel a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s how it is and that it’s “just the way it is”. You have a choice. I know!! How amazing is that?! We ALL get to CHOOSE to either let things be the way they are, or we get to CHOOSE to change it. But how you might ask?

By recognizing that you are indeed feeling this way. Name it. FEEL it – you may have this tightness in your body, no doubt your shoulders, maybe you are breathing shallow but these are just feelings turned into a physical response and no matter what is going on around you, you can also feel a different way about it.  

You can give into the feelings as being unchangeable until the things causing this overwhelm go away, or you can take your power back, but the first step is knowing it’s just a feeling and it can’t hurt you. Yes, that anxiety of too much too do feels horrible but feeling horrible isn’t that bad. It’s only temporary, but you have to let it come and you have to let it go in order to move forward.

This changed my entire way of living once I really embraced this “letting go” and I STILL do and it STILL is changing my life, just on different levels. When I start to feel overwhelmed by the things coming my way, I stop. I take a deep breathe. I totally pep talk myself, “this is just a feeling that I have, and I get to decide how I want to feel and tackle this” and then take the next step.

That next step could be, choosing another thought about what is going on. Like, “I can totally do it all, I am superwoman and I WANT to do this”. Or maybe it’s prioritizing my day, or “thing” I was going to do or not do. Maybe shopping for groceries can wait another day. Maybe making that appointment can wait until tomorrow. Maybe I can delegate cleaning that bathroom to my kids etc.

For me, when I start to look at the things that are overwhelming me, I can reorganize them. Re-prioritize them or focus on one at a time and don’t think about doing them all at once. I don’t want to go through my days showing up as frazzled, as half of me and you get to decide on this too.

*Starting my day with meditation. This is something I do and it doesn’t have to be a full 30 minute or hour-long process. It can be anything to anyone and I see it as a pause. A way to get right with myself. Get fully aligned with my body’s energy, knowing the day ahead is the day ahead and I get to choose how I see it but also how I handle it. I am deciding ahead of time before the feelings set in, when its easier to manage.

I get up, I think of the things I am most grateful for, my bed, my blanket, my kids, my husband, my ability to invest in my brain etc. I feel the feeling of gratitude, I check in with my body, see if am hungry, if I feel tired, if I feel energized, etc… all from a place of non judgement but just feeling. I basically just connect inward before I start being all outward and reacting to my day.

This helps me to connect to how I feel, what feelings I am not addressing, but also gives me a restful state of being and it also gives me the ability to care for my inner self, from a nice space of gratitude. Kindness. Calm and peacefulness. I take like 5 minutes sometimes 10 depending, but the point is, don’t let time be a barrier. Just connect to you!

This might seem trivial and like you can skip it but DON’T. You should look forward to this. It should give you a level playing field for your day. Center you and help you to keep to point #1. A calm mind is a mind you can reach and teach.

*Focus on feeling good. And I don’t mean just being happy and have pep in your step. I mean, feeling good inside your body, not feeling weighed down or heavy. It feels light, airy…like it should during meditation, then you are on the right track.

This means you are connecting within yourself all day long. Checking in with your body. It’s signals and choosing no matter what’s in front of you to feel good. That can be having a sandwich at lunch instead of a burger, saying no to something you normally would say yes to, going for a walk instead of sitting at your desk etc. ALL because you want to feel good instead of stuffed, tired, or drained.

When your main focus is to feel good, you show up better. Have more energy. You feel in control!! Control is something that the feeling of overwhelm just doesn’t embody. Overwhelm has no place when you feel good. And if it comes in, you can easily go to point number 1 and take back your power.

These *3 tips have been really amazing in my own life. I used to let feelings just be, let them take over and I hated feeling powerless to my emotions. At the time, I didn’t know that feelings are just vibrations in the body and that they don’t mean anything but the meaning I give them.

This thinking outside of the box saved me. Saved my relationships, gave me more direction with what I want out of life and I love that I am in control. Just because the world is a certain way or people act toward me a certain way doesn’t have to mean anything. Only what I decide it means.

And going from a constant feeling of being overwhelmed by life to understanding I don’t have to feel this way was freeing. It opened up more space mentally and physically for me to be more and do more. And those that get that from me are my family, friends and my clients. And that is where I would rather spend my energy, not losing it to feelings that at the end of the day I can control.

Let me know if these help you OR for more guidance in this work, get on my calendar for a free consult. Click HERE to go do that now. This is just part of the work I do with ALL of my clients and if you want to create a healthier relationship with you food or you body…I can help you too.

With Nourishing Love,