Hi, I’m Sabrina.  Wife, mom of 2 awesome little girls, emotional eating and holistic lifestyle coach. My credentials may say, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and behavior change specialist, but my passion is teaching women how to have a healthy relationship with food and more importantly, themselves.

You are more than a number on a scale, size of jean, or if you have thigh gap or not.  You are unique, not to be held in a box dieting and have so much potential to live. Yes, you have goals, so do I, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the scale to read 125 before you can begin to live your best life.

You deserve to be loved and love…just as you are. You have a special way of living your life, parenting your children, the work you do, being in a relationship and taking care of yourself, in a way that is different from everyone else.

So why do we keep trying to diet ourselves, over exercise ourselves…into someone else? We have been told that if we are a certain size or look a certain way, than we will be happy. But are you? I wasn’t. 

I used to live my life dieting, obessing over calories, exercising A LOT and failing over and over and over again. 10 plus years of my life I struggled with food, being present in my relationships, and never being happy with what i saw in the mirror. I had zero confidence and always hid myself in layers of clothing.

Every morning (sometimes more) I would obsess over the scale. I wasn’t living my life, I was tolerating my life and for some reason, I was waiting for the scale to be a certain number before I would begin to do anything I was wanting to do. I had a binge eating disorder, 5 different sizes of pants in my closet (rarely any fit), and the MOST negative mindset EVER.

Like you, I’ve lost and gained the same 20-30 lbs. over and over again. I can do that…but keeping it off was the real problem. I have done every diet under the sun and cursed myself for “eating that” a million times over ( you would think I would learn). So, I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. It is beyond frustrating, and it can feel so hopeless.

I never thought that I would be able to find a way to not care about my weight, be genuinely happy with what I see in the mirror and show up everyday feeling like a badass! Feeling like a badass, caring about how I feel everyday and heading in the direction of living my best life possible BEFORE the scale shows me 106 lbs. Can I just say to you, how f-ing amazing that feels!

I never thought I would be able to feel in control over my eating, not eat the whole bag of chips, saying no to dessert (and really meaning it) and making it through the holidays without gaining weight. I always thought I would have to live my life hiding my binge eating and being chained to my fitness pal. I thought this struggling, was just “my luck of the draw.” in life.

But the very thing that I struggled with all of my life (trying to stick to a diet, being a certain weight, looking a certain way) was also the very thing that kept me in a cycle of binge eating and thinking shitty thoughts about myself. I wasn’t ever managing my emotions, I was running or rather eating them away. And after years upon years, dealing with my out of control eating, feeling defeated, having seriously negative self-talk PLUS feeling like something was so wrong with me…I finally decided that I was going to live my life now…”not when”. NOW!

You can love your body now. Feel empowered. Be YOU and accept the mirror image ALL without the conditions of a certain size or weight on the scale. FREEDOM. Eating food without the constant focus on eating for the scale to budge IS possible. And you can keep doing this…for life!

Learn how to improve or repair your relationship with yourself, with food, your spouse or partner, your fitness life and more. Weight loss can be a typical and a side effect of this work, but shouldn’t be your WHY. Live a life you want to live now, and focus on more important things in life…your people, your work, what you truely want. 

After all of my years in endless struggle, pain and suffering, I knew that my purpose was to help other women like you, to live their best life possible. It is my absolute mission, really my obsession, to work indiviudally with women who struggle in the same ways that i did, because I get you.

I have walked that same walk myself and KNOW without a doubt I can help you. Coaching with me one on one, can help you to transform your whole life while you fall back in love with your body and finally stop struggling. Learn how to eat food and balance your body – FINALLY! It is NOT another diet you need. Not another weight loss goal, it’s a healthy relationship. A reliationship with food and yourself that is missing.

You can’t eat yourself happy, binge yourself thin OR not address the real reason WHY things are the way they are. I’m never going to be size 2… and that’s OK. Because when I was, I was miserable and NOT enjoying my life like I am now. I couldn’t ever look at myself in the mirror as say, “wow, you have a hot ass”. Never happened…even at a size 2! WOW – right?! 

So what are you waiting for….Are you ready to be awesome right now, right where you are?

Want to know more?

Here are 5 fun facts you might not know about me…

  1. I LOVE music…my most favorite genre is rock, the Deftones specifically. 
  2. I love my coffee and I drink it daily (yes it can be healthy).
  3. I only read self-help and personal development books.
  4. I have a love affair with designer handbags.
  5. I hate socks, even in winter.

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