IF YOU HAVE tried diet, after diet, after diet without any success, THEN i GET YOU.

I lived my life like that for many years until I decided that I was Done and it had to stop. 

Hi, I’m Sabrina.  Mom, wife and ex-professional dieter turned UNdieter. Once upon a time, I looked for the perfect diet that would work and make all of my life’s problems disappear. That diet never showed up of course. But what did show up, was the realization that dieting like I was (all of the time) was making me obsessed with food, teaching me to hate my body, and creating distrust in myself. It wasn’t a good feeling to wake up everyday looking in the mirror and hating what I saw while beating myself up over what I ate the night before. Is this sounding familiar?

I got to the point where I knew that I just couldn’t keep doing this. It wasn’t good for my mental or physcial health. It wasn’t good living my life each day in a world of crazy food restriction, binging on the foods that I was depriving myself with, and thinking that the only way out was with a different diet.  So what did I do? 

I made the decision to stop the unending cycle of diet after diet after diet and decided to figure it out by getting off the diet rollercoaster. Was it easy? Was it a straight shot to success? No. It was bumpy, up and down, side to side and being fully committed to myself and my long term, lasting success. Is it over?  Am I healed? Am I smooth sailing now and off riding into the sunset of perfect every day’s without ever having another issue with food, my mindset or my body image? No. BUT here is what I do have now that I never had before…self acceptance, trust, peace, and confidence.

I can eat now without guilt, without worry that I will gain weight, and enjoy my body at any size, or weight. And that was totally what I was missing in all of my years of living in diet hell. I had had this image that it was going to be perfect when I “arrived”. And that that arrival was me being at my goal weight, wearing what I wanted, and other women looking at me all envious like I had at all of them before. And that somehow, life would be magical and worry free in that moment of arrival. But It wasn’t. When I did get to my goal weight (many times in my diet life but only put the weight back on each time) I was the same me. I was miserable inside, not just outside. I had transformed the part of me, that didn’t need the transforming at all. 

It was the inside that needed the work. It was that side of me that was hurting, was needing to be in control, that was saying horrible things to myself instead of giving me what I really needed which was love, compassion and having my own back in those times of feeling my worst. 

But now, after doing the inner work, I get to live my life forever free from dieting. I get to wake up appreciating and accepting what I see in the mirror, no matter what I ate the night before. I finally feel neutral around food instead of possessed and crazy. I wish that I had knew in my 20’s that what I was missing in order to figure myself out was so much more than just understanding how to diet. I wish that I had understood that I required a deeper understanding about my body.  Understanding the relationships between ALL the systems in my body, how they work together, and that my thoughts (my mindset) about myself…isn’t who I am. I was missing the holistic approach to it all. Something diets just don’t teach because they want a life time customer. 

Maybe this is you. Maybe this is what you need to hear also. If so, you are in the right place. I see you. I hear you. I understand you. And you my friend, are not alone. 

It has been my absolute passion and joy to help other women on their own journey. Through their own journey because it’s never done. All the years of thinking and programming we have doesn’t just go away in the instant you sign up and work with a coach. It is just the beginning. But like I said, you have to be committed and invested in your journey for life. That is where the success comes in…from the mindset that I am in it no matter what. Not until. Not when. No matter what. 

It’s all possible. What you want is possible. What you desire is possible. You just need to understand what that really is and take the steps to go after it.

And for me, and my clients, it’s not another diet. It’s wanting to feel free from food addictions. Free from the negative mindset. Free from living in restrictions and depriving our souls of all the things that we really want and need. It’s never about the food. The food is just something we use to keep our brains busy from doing the inner work. From digging deeper and uncovering the root issues of that which holds you back from you. Yourself. 

So….what do you think? Are you ready to do the work that needs to be shifted in order to finally be in the drivers seat of your life? If so, schedule a call with me and let’s chat. You can sign up with the link below. 

And if you are not ready, then honor that. I honor that. Find something that makes you smile. Makes you love life in between the time you are waiting to get ready to be ready. The time will come for you too. I have so much love for you. 

Sabrina xoxo

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