If you have ever struggled to lose weight before, then you know that song and dance really well.  The ups, the downs, the never quite making it to your goal. The making it and gaining it back again. The tears. The joys. The pains of overeating from deprivation and exhaustion but also from thinking about food so much.

There is only so much food prep one can do.  Only so much weighing and counting every single bite of food one can tolerate. And there is only so much one can take of the never-ending battle of wanting to eat something off plan but because it’s not in the calorie allotment…that you must say no. OR you do what I would do and stuff your face with it anyway and then be ridden with the guilt and self-bullying for hours and days after.


I have felt it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.  And what I have learned from it all, the diets, the cleanses, the fasting…is that it all comes down to one thing. Especially if you are a person who also struggles with disordered eating.  Which in my world, is everyone who can’t stay on a diet. So how do you move forward from this nightmare. How do you get off the diet roller coaster, enjoying the food you really want to eat without the binging or overeating?

You simply allow it. Yes, you allow it. You eat that cake. You eat that pie, you have that drink, do whatever it is you desire without resisting it. Without the damn guilt, the self-hate, self-bullying and then YOU move on. I know, simple right? But how do you lose weight doing this? Especially if you want cake every night of the week. I will tell you how.

The How

If you are like I was and restricted yourself for years because of the weight you desired to lose, then you are used to eating what you want ONLY when you are having a “cheat day” or when you say F it. If that’s you, then Listen up good ladies. You need to stop that. Right now! Stop it. Don’t eat what you want from a place of guilt. From being off plan or off a diet. Or from a place of you throwing up your hands and going overboard and off the “wagon”. STOP. IT. RIGHT. NOW.

You need to wake up. Be aware. And eat from a place of mind body connection. Not a place of zoning out and almost numbness. Like a place where you don’t want to think about it because of all of those things I mentioned above. Not wanting to feel the guilt while indulging so you tap out and go off into the land of where everything is awesome for that meal or dessert time. It is time to be aware and own it girl! OWN IT!

It might not feel good but we aren’t here to judge. We aren’t here to say it’s good or its bad. We are there saying, “I want that and I am just going to have it and that’s it.” Practice loving yourself and the love of eating it and keep those judgey mcjudge pants thoughts OUT OF IT!!!

I know, easier said than done after all of those years of doing exactly that because of the damn diet and because of you not sticking to it BUT NOW. Today. You are letting it go and saying, “I am honoring myself right now. My desire. It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s just me being my badass self, eating some food and living in the moment.” You are totally allowed to enjoy eating. It’s not a sin. It’s OK. No matter what your size or where you wish you would be in your weight…remember, you aren’t judging yourself. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just fact and no thought feelings around it.

And as soon as you stop judging yourself, your weight, your rolls, your chin…WHATEVER. Your thoughts change. The thoughts you have around everything changes. Your stress decreases. Your body responds differently to food. You become awake and in the moment, and then YOU can feel fullness. Can feel contentment and satiety. Can feel like, “you know what, I got this.” That’s awareness. That’s a choice state of mind. Not an emotional frenzy to eat all the things state of mind which leads to weight gain beyond your control or choice.

You can want to lose weight. You betcha. You can also attain it without struggle and without suffering and self-hate. And it can be way easier than what you have going on now. Stop resisting. Go with the flow and eventually you won’t want all of the things that cause weight gain. From being aware, you will want to choose better options because there aren’t judgements and thoughts that make you feel stressed out about them. They will be less compelling because you can have them anytime you want without judgement about how you will gain or lose weight when eating them. It will be you and food and that’s it.

And when that’s it, your body will be more open to losing weight easily because one, your body’s response won’t be stress and fat storage. And two, you will enjoy all foods in smaller amounts and more easily. Without constant resistance, it’s easier to eat. All of these things help weight loss, versus hindering it. Let go and let weight loss happen.  Stop the judgements. The thinking. And relax. Become awake and aware instead.

Make It Happen

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With Nourishing Love,