Thank you Sabrina! You have helped me change my eating habits from ‘anything that’s convenient’ to an awareness of what those foods’ ingredients include, and eating rather a majority of Whole Foods. It’s been a work in progress but your continued support is getting me to a better place. I feel SO much better, and it’s been pretty easy. This hasn’t been a diet for me, rather a change in what I eat.


I am a mother of a busy five-year-old. I have struggled with my weight at various stages of my life ever since I was in middle school. I tried many different types of diets and unhealthy ways in which to lose weight. I even lost 75 pounds at one point in my life and kept it off for about five years.

However, because of the manner in which I had lost the weight, it inevitably all came back. I have known Sabrina for over twenty years and she and I have shared similar struggles. Once she began her journey to become a personal trainer and really invested time and energy into researching the right ways to be healthy I eagerly picked her brain. Since working with Sabrina I am proud to say I have lost close to fifty pounds.

While I am not yet at my goal, this is the first time in my life I feel it is attainable in a healthy way that will ensure the weight stays off for good. One of the most important lessons I learned from Sabrina was that I had to change how I looked at losing weight. I couldn’t look for the next quick fix because those work for a short time, but really do not help long-term. Instead of learning how to take care of the body, you are obtaining results that are neither long-lasting or healthy.

With Sabrina’s help and guidance, I changed almost everything I eat on a daily basis. I have always been a picky eater and never one who would even contemplate eating Brussel sprouts, greens, or cauliflower. I lived on carbs and proclaimed constantly that I would never be able to give them up, however I did just that. I replaced those carbs with healthy vegetables and proteins. I (for the most part) gave up snacking, because it was much less about being hungry and much more about being bored. I fell in love with cooking again, not because I was seeking something emotionally from food, but because Sabrina taught me to view food as fuel for my body.

Sabrina also provided with me with an exercise program that was realistic not only for my body at the time, but could be adapted as I became healthier. It was something I could easily invest time into at least five days a week. The reason I have such appreciation for Sabrina’s assistance on my journey to a healthier body is because I know this is not a quick fix, a fad, or a diet. This is a change in life and one that I know I can stick with for the rest of my life.

There were some times during this process that I stopped working out for a time, but I did not gain even one pound back. I know that is because, with Sabrina’s help, I have changed my relationship with food. I live across the country from Sabrina and she still makes time to help me whenever I reach out, even though she is a busy mother and wife. I could not have done this work without her. I know I can reach my goals and I know the process will be healthy physically and emotionally.”


Sabrina is a fount of knowledge and has helped me tremendously. She has set me on the right path for healthy living and has helped me to figure out exactly what I need to do to be successful in my quest for a long, healthy, happy life. She studies studiously and is so generous with sharing the information she learns. Sabrina is one of the most “real” people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She is so upbeat and ready to help with anything and everything and she does not give up even when I do.

Thank you Sabrina!!!”


“I have been eating “for life” for many weeks now and I have lost weight and inches! Life has been happening big time and I have adjusted to make my plan happen. Sabrina is patient and understanding in all of my life happenings. One thing that she has reminded me of is this is not a diet. It is a part of my life!


“Working with Sabrina has brought awareness to my life. Understanding how processed foods have hidden sugars to get you addicted has been life changing.  I have personally noticed that blah feeling after eating in a hurry vs taking the time to read the labels and understand how the food benefits you or not.  I am far from eating perfect but each day I stop and decide, do I want to feel blah or good.  I started working with Sabrina in February and lost 10 lbs. just by changing a little at a time. I feel for me it works best as I have a very busy work schedule and with it comes difficulty eating regularly.”


I’ve been working with Sabrina for a year now and I’m so happy with the results and my experience. Sabrina brings so much more to her sessions with me than just physical fitness; we discuss healthy eating habits, as she is a nutritionist, and overall healthy living. When I started training with Sabrina I wasn’t overweight, but just out of shape and out of the habit of being in a healthy fitness routine. I’m a woman in my fifties and after avoiding the gym for a year I was very unhappy with my appearance. I was lacking muscle tone and muscle definition and I no longer felt comfortable wearing tank tops and a bathing suit. I had a tropical vacation coming up so I was motivated to get back into the gym, but I didn’t know where to begin. After raising two children and paying for their activities I decided that it was my turn, so I took the plunge and signed up for private sessions with Sabrina.  It’s been a year now and I am still going STRONG!  Sabrina isn’t about a number on the scale or being a certain size, but instead feeling happy and healthy in one’s own skin. We started slowly and gradually increased the difficulty of my workouts based on my abilities. I am so much stronger than when I started and I couldn’t be happier with the changes in my body. I feel more confident with my appearance and I feel happier in general. You’re never too old to begin a fitness program and your body will thank you.


“I started working with Sabrina a my personal trainer. I found her to be very helpful at making a plan that fitted my needs as a senior client.  I appreciated her detailed explanations of how and why to do each exercise.

At that time, I needed some help with nutrition and again found Sabrina so knowledgeable and helpful. Later, as my personal trainer, I was diagnosed with a return of my breast cancer.  Sabrina continues to be so nurturing and caring.

Her professional, knowledgeable, attentiveness to detail, and caring qualities make her outstanding. I feel very fortunate by Sabrina’s  guidance and assistance in my life.”