Alright my friends, let’s get REALLY real today. Let’s get behind some REAL change. Let’s put down our excuses and start “owning our shit”, as I love to say. 😊

And I like to use that word, not as a shock factor (that is SO not what I am about) but because we have SO much messy, gross, unattractive STUFF that we just want to hide. We want to sweep it under the rug and forget about. But eventually, like shit…it can’t be ignored. It starts to smell and guess what, you have to do something about it!

That’s why I want that word and that visual. And today, is a day, where we need to start cleaning it up and dealing with it. At least unpacking it and looking at it from the angle of, “Oh wow, isn’t that messy but I am willing to figure it out”.

The one thing I want to explore with you today, is something that I wish that I had known about years ago. I wish that I had known this concept because it would have changed my whole life in SO many different ways. And with so many different goals I had. My whole perspective would have shifted and therefore my results along with it.

But I didn’t. And this is why I am sharing this with you. So that you can start to make a real difference in your life and start your own transformation and shifts. And no, it’s not a quick fix – who do you think I am.

It’s something you have to work at everyday and in so many different ways but you have to do it.

You have to remind yourself of it AND dig into it fully. It’s not lightweight, surface level type stuff my friends. But nothing worth anything is easy. I hope you see that perspective by now at least. Especially if you have been struggling with your health goals for a long time.

But the thing that I wish I had known to focus on and REALLY, truly, completely understand…is ownership. Personal accountability.

Instead of…putting the results I got (or did not get) outside of myself and leaving it to excuses as to why “I can’t”. Things like, “I am from a poor family”, “My family is just fat”, “I don’t have the money” etc.

Had I known, that it was up to me to make it happen and not anybody else, I would have been WAY more successful, WAY sooner. I would have been able to see it’s not anyone else’s job to lose the weight for me, or make me exercise. I have to own the steps and the solution.

And you know what, I don’t think it’s your fault. I think we are given this illusion, this idea, especially in the diet world that your results can be had by…insert any diet or health product here. From shakes, to pills, to…you name it. We are marketed that (at least in my mind) if you buy or do this…than you will get this.

Easy. Done. No variables. Just, DO THIS and you will be successful. But that is NOT how it works. That is not how results are had. YOU have to put the work in. The effort. Consistently. And it’s on you, not the coach, the celebrity or the guru. YOUR RESULTS are 100% on you.

This is a conversation that I speak with my clients about regularly and especially people seeing me for the first time. We think that other people have the key, the answer, the fix, the power to make it all go away or change the direction you want to go. But it’s that thinking that keeps you from your results. Because again, it’s up to you.

Now, that doesn’t mean coaches, gurus, celebrities don’t know how to help you because they do, WE do! I have helped lots of people and still am planning on it until I die. BUT what can happen, when we don’t own our results, or our own shit lol, we show up less engaged. Low energy. Not listening etc. Less coachable.

And that will keep you from your transformation every time because it’s up to you to take charge of yourself. How you show up to learn, what you think while you are learning AND to get out of it what you came to get out of it. There are no shitty coaches, just people who show up and get what they came for or not. There is always something to learn and everyone has something to teach. It’s just our thoughts about it that make it so or not so.

You follow?

And YES, I get it totally, I was there myself…it DOES feel terrible to know that the health you have, the way you look, the results you have gotten up to this point in your life is 100% on you. Nobody wants to be told you are the reason for your negative emotion but it’s out of love that I am coaching you on this right now.

Because it’s that hard truth you need to hear in order to get beyond it. And again, growth feels terrible. If it felt amazing everyone would be growing, changing and feeling amazing. But that’s not reality and that is why some people are successful and others not as much.

BUT my friend, eventually you have to own it if you want it bad enough.

But this not owning of our shit is where we fail ourselves. We don’t fail other people, we fail ourselves. It’s the hard reality of it all BUT until you SEE this and OWN this…you won’t get far. You will keep yourself locked into circumstances. Situations. Life. And it will never serve you or your goals.

So, what do you do? Well, you own it! You take a hard look at where you are currently, and where you would like to be and decide that you created this. Yes decide.

There may be many things (mind drama) that pops up, it’s hard to take responsibility and I could go super deep into all of that but for time’s sake, I won’t. But just own it. You did this and then take back YOUR personal power! Because if you did this you can also UN-DO this and isn’t that amazing news? I thought it was.

I would also recommend sitting down and writing out all the goals you want for your life, write down where you are in relation to those goals AND just look at the difference as a gap. NOT a never ending battle, impossibility, giant hill you will never attain etc. Don’t let ALL the mind drama in that keeps you stuck in overwhelm and thoughts like, “I don’t know how”.

It’s just a gap and THAT gap has steps to get you to your goal. And once you own that you are in control of it, you can start thinking about HOW to close that gap and from there, see what happens. I am willing to bet you WILL have WAY more success by doing that than NOT owning your results and pretending you can’t get there due to circumstance.

BECAUSE if there is just one person who HAS done it, you can do it too! They just figured out their own gap. Seriously. 😊

But if you are just stuck with the mind drama. Can’t see beyond it and think I am crazy but have a feeling that I just may know what I am doing. OR perhaps, you just need more inspiration like this to keep you moving forward and closing that gap than, I can help.

Click HERE to get on my schedule for a free consult and let me help guide you to your goal. Together we can figure out the gap and start closing in on it. Have a wonderful week!

With Nourishing Love,