I use this word a lot and of course I know what it means but really do you?  So many people use the same words but to each person using it, it can mean something WAY different. It all depends on their own life experiences.

Which is what makes YOU learning from all sorts of people a beautiful thing because each person’s explanation will make you understand different concepts deeper. And that is where the change you seek will come from.

I know for me, I will be reading a concept explained and then I will hear it from 3 different people and then it will finally sink in. You know, those epiphany moments “AHHH HA!! That’s what they have been saying all along.”

So today I want to explain to you what I really mean when I talk about awareness, specifically body awareness.

Many women just do not walk around aware of their bodies. This was totally me years ago by the way. We have spent years avoiding thinking about them, other than from the perspective of change or a mindset of lack. As in, I need to lose weight. My thighs are too big. I need a bigger butt. I have acne etc. You name it.

And because of the thought patterns we have around our bodies is about changing it, that has led us to avoiding the subject or connection because it sucks to hate your body all the time. And when you don’t like something, why would you want to spend time thinking about it and ending up feeling like crap.

I know anytime I saw myself in the mirror I would totally tell myself how fat I was, how skinny I wasn’t, how I was ugly and I would never be pretty enough. I never stood there looking at myself finding good things to comment on. No! It was always finding the things I wanted to change.

But when it comes to being connected to our bodies on a level that is from a mindset of non-judgement and from a deeper level of communication from an asking of, “how do I feel being in my body”…you get a different life experience than the opposite. Most women are missing out on this awareness, connection, relationship yet it’s the most important one to have.

I talk all day long it seems about body awareness with my personal training clients.  Asking them questions, “how does it feel inside your body”, “what is your body telling you”. We tend to want to “zone out” but what we need to learn how to do is “zone in”.

If you aren’t focused inward, paying attention to what you are doing, you can easily hurt yourself when it comes to training. So many women want to push through the pain, or push through the discomfort thinking this is right.

But this is where people miss the mark, especially when starting out, because your body is always offering you information about what is going on with you. This also includes food or diets. Everyone is so different and I believe this is where women need to honor themselves way more than they do. Myself included.

We aren’t all meant to look the same, eat the same, be the same. We are meant to be us from top to bottom. And our bodies are always telling us what works for us or doesn’t…if only we would listen. And that listening is awareness. So, what does this look like?

For me, it’s an inward, closing of the eyes view. What is going on inside my body. How am I feeling physically? How am I feeling emotionally? What feels the same? What feels different? What do I want to feel?  How do I want to think about something?

It’s scanning my body in its current space to make decisions that will benefit me and my goals, my health, my entire wellbeing. Whether that is catching myself saying something that doesn’t serve me, like “I totally blew that” or “that dress looks better on her” I am fully aware so I catch it.

And from that place of “catching it” I can interrupt my old patterns of thought and action toward things that help me to be the best me that I can be. Like, “I am learning how to…” or “I love how this dress makes me feel”.

I also make decisions from a place of, if today I feel like working out OR not, then being OK with my choice because I am deciding from a place of love and respect for myself. NOT hate or lack or judgement or punishment. As you build this awareness, and start to care HOW you feel and WHAT you want to feel then you create a relationship with yourself.

And that relationship transforms ALL of your choices. Decisions. Thoughts and actions toward ones that serve you and make you feel how you WANT to feel and deserve to feel. This takes away the old patterns, old programing and allows you to be more present. Allows greater change to take place because you aren’t resisting it like you would if you were doing it “because”.

So how can you go forward into your day today, and be more aware? Be more present in your body VS on autopilot? And what does that look like for you? Let me know! To me, it feels empowering and amazing! Have a blessed day.

With Nourishing Love,