This is something that used to confuse the hell out of me. Every diet book would have a different message. A different study to prove THIS IS THE WAY, and of course, every friend had something different that worked or works for them. AND every nutritionist you see, has different advice to send you out the door with. But how do you know what is right?

In my practice, every client has gone through this to some degree. They come to me as confused as I was years ago and they have NO clue what to do. They are even skeptical about what I tell them to do – AT FIRST. They are worn down by nothing working YET have tried it all. So, what gives?


Whether we want to admit it or not, we ALL have confirmation biases. We are all human, even people with degrees and have titles. Even me. And if you have lived life and have had experiences with living, meaning you don’t live in a box, then you will have formed opinions and have created your very own belief system about ALL things that you have had experiences with.

Things like politics, religion, people, places you have gone and of course diets and dieting advice too. EVERYTHING. Which is why I try to question EVERYTHING personally, even my own thoughts because confirmation biases exist everywhere. And they don’t help us to grow. Biases are like putting on special glasses that only show us what we want to see.

And just so we know, A confirmation bias is simply your OWN interpretation of “new evidence” or information that supports your own, already formed beliefs. We could say a lot of information out there is filtered through a bias.

We see this a lot with certain health studies funded by certain corporations. You know what I mean. The evidence “they find” is filtered through the lens (bias) of evidence to be explained in their own favor. To support their products but yet the WHOLE picture isn’t seen. It might be part truth but not the whole truth.

I would describe it as basically, finding proof to prove yourself right. And in the world of online information, we all know that can always find ANY proof to prove whatever we believe to be right. And you can totally disagree with me on this, you have your own perspective too.


And so, if you can seek to understand this going forward, into the world of nutrition (or the world in general) you will be better served! You will look at things a little bit more broadly, less narrowed AND perhaps, allow yourself to come to your own conclusion instead of just taking everything said as fact. You might be able to start looking at many different perspectives on the same exact subject and decide what you want to believe about it.

Such as, I can find studies to show you that eating plant based is the only way to live a healthy life. But I can also find studies like this on keto, low fat, or high protein etc. There is always someone out there that it has worked for and therefore has evidence to support it. Much like, there is also evidence to disprove it BECAUSE there is always someone else that it has NOT worked for.


When you decide that you need some help, and start to look for a nutritionist to work with, or a dietician or a holistic nutritionist like myself, maybe EVEN a personal trainer, because biases in health are everywhere…GO into the consult with an open mind AND applying this understanding.

Seek to find a professional without a super strong bias. Everyone has them BUT if you can find one that isn’t “committed without wavier” to a certain diet or eating style, THEN you will be able to work toward results that suit YOU. Your body. Your life. You are the expert on you, not the professional.

My approach has always been…because I have had these experiences myself of course, is that no matter who comes to me, whether they work with me or not, SEEK to find a nutritionist that you feel good about. And that will take a consult or a conversation of course to decide this. Find someone that takes an approach more like, “everyone is unique and different”. And, that there is MORE than one way to the same end point.

No matter what protocol someone follows, no two people will be exactly alike. And not every woman needs to drop 30 lbs. in order to be healthy. And not everyone needs to do cross fit, or yoga in order to be in amazing shape. But if you have weight issues, or diet drama, like I did. Then you will do much better in working with someone who is open to guide you NOT direct you. There is a difference.

I feel that, no matter how much education a person has, how many letters after their name, health can exist at any size and the focus should always be on health not a weight. Otherwise you will learn another diet belief system that will have you ending up just like ALL the other times before.


And if you don’t know whether a nutritionist or dietician is right for you, ask yourself these starting questions.

  1. Are they health or weight focused?
  2. Are they listening to you or talking at you?
  3. What eating styles or diets do they support?

These questions can help you to start to decide if this person will be what’s best for you individually. There are a lot of coaches out there, nutritionists, dieticians etc. that only teach one way and for a dieter, that will never work long term. BECAUSE it’s a diet and that diet mindset is totally what is causing the issues to begin with.

At the end of the day, my friends, I don’t know about you but I want something that will serve me with my goals, my life, where I am at, with what I am going through and of course, based on my own specific needs. I want results damn it!

And if you are looking for results, just want change in the right direction, lasting change, tired of being tired and confused by ALL the information out there and really just don’t know what to do THEN reach out to me!! I got you.

Email me. Message me on social media. Start a conversation. WHATEVER. I know that I CAN totally help guide you to make the best choice for yourself, in your situation right now. Whether that is working with me or someone else. I know what it is like to feel stuck. To be overwhelmed. To not know what to do or where to go. Just know, that I am here and I got you girl. 😊

With Nourishing Love,