When I was younger, I thought I could have, see or do anything. I held such high beliefs for myself and for my future. I had big dreams and big goals and really never ever questioned myself about whether they would happen or not.

I had no reason to, I believed. I believed anything was possible and that I had my entire life ahead of me to make it happen.

I just knew my future was going to be amazing and I would be happy. Happy is all I really wanted. I grew up in anything but happiness. My childhood was terrible, my parents both had major drinking problems and I was an only child in the midst of dysfunction.

HAPPY was what I desired more than anything. AND anything I thought I wanted all came from a place of thinking it would solve all of my problems and that I will be happy when I get it.

When I get to California, I will be happy because I will be away from my family. When I become a famous movie director, then I will be happy because I will be doing something fun. When I make $100k per year, I will be happy because I won’t have to worry about money. When I have two kids and I am married, then I will be happy because I will have the family I always wanted.

When I have this car, that house, that dog…I will be happy because, because, because. And for so many women, so many young ladies, and SO, so, so many years of MY own life, I will be happy when I drop those 30 lbs. When I can wear a bikini, I will be happy because I will be confident in my own skin.

And what is interesting about all of these “When I…I will be happy because…” thoughts, is that they aren’t true. Not even close. We can talk ourselves into thinking it to be true and believe with all our might, but you won’t ever get there from there.

It may make life more comfortable having more money, but you will want more especially as you spend what you have plus you have to pay more taxes on it. Having that dream job will be fun but it still comes with stress and having people around you that you might not like. Having that husband and kids will give you a family, but you will have to work at keeping those relationships especially when they upset you.

Having the house will be nice on the outside but you will want to fill it with more stuff and nicer and nicer stuff too and deal with a HOA. Losing that 30 lbs. will make you feel better physically but you will still be the same YOU on the inside, lack of confidence and all PLUS you will have to maintain it which is harder than the losing of it.

Who you are now, is who you will be when you get the “anythings” you want. The getting of them always produces more want, more desire because that’s just human nature BUT the happiness is an inside job. It can’t come from external sources. That happiness lasts only as long as the newness does of it, which isn’t long.

I always thought that if I changed my circumstance then I would instantly be happier. The circumstance being the house, the job, the money…Problems would be solved. Grass is always greener as they say.

But when you put it (your happiness, your belief) in external sources like I always did (the body, the abs, the weight, the jeans size) you will only rely on those for your source of happiness or for your belief in yourself AND that my friend, is WHY this thought holds you away from the results you want.

Just like women who put all their hopes to lose the weight from a diet or a shake. You aren’t relying on yourself to create the results or yourself to make it happen. You think the diet or the shake will be your saving grace and then when you stop doing the diet or the shake, you gain the weight back.

This is shaky (no pun intended) ground. This puts your results outside of yourself but it must come from you to sustain anything. You are in control. You are responsible.

And when you build the belief in yourself, in your ability and in you creating your own happiness no matter what you have or do not have, you get to take charge and keep the results. Create more results. Create your own happiness.

Think of it this way, how horrible does it feel to be in waiting to be happy?  You aren’t enjoying every moment. Looking at the good, no you are waiting for the good to come.

But when you are just living your life and already happy despite what you have or do not have, or where you are or aren’t…you are having fun. You aren’t waiting for the fun.

The waiting slows you down. This is when you eat boxes of cookies because life sucks. This is when you stop working out because it’s hard.

When we act from a place of contentment, happiness and not needing it from the size of your jeans, the size of your house…then all you do is easier and therefore gets you the results WAY quicker…It’s the path of least resistance.

The working out is enjoyable because you aren’t making it mean anything except you want to work out VS, I need to lose weight to be happy so I have to work out. One way is just part of life and awesome. The other is climbing uphill the entire time and running out of steam before you get anywhere near the finish line.

So, what do I suggest you do?  Find your happiness NOW…not when. CHOOSE it. Everything is 100% choice. And that comes 100% from what you think. What you think you are. And when you think the thought, WHEN I…I WILL BE HAPPY BECAUSE… you are putting yourself further NOT closer to your result.

Have a blessed day. IF this content resonated with you and you see this is 100% you, then reach out to me and book a consult. I can help guide you to the result you want using the best tool ever…your mind!

With Nourishing Love,