Are you struggling to lose weight?  Have you tried to lose weight a gazillion times, only to be met with gaining it all back?  AGAIN! Then you probably understand those feelings of defeat and impossibility too. I know what it feels like to feel so far away from your weight loss goals and the life that you really see for yourself once you drop those unwanted pounds.

And It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault you are where you are right now.

I also know that you SO much want to just find a solution. A lasting solution that just fits flawlessly into your life, one that feels as if you aren’t dieting at all…but just living your life. Not feeling deprived.  Something easy and that doesn’t require a lot of time. You want to be able to eat what you want without guilt or feeling “fat”. OR even feeling like if you eat “that”, then you will GAIN it all back.

Perhaps you also want to NOT end your day binging on all of the things.  That was something for me that I wanted more than life itself.

It’s totally normal to want to be free from those ups and downs, not feeling bloated every damn day, and feeling 100% in control of food versus food controlling you. I know deep down, you just want to wake up every morning wearing whatever makes you feel amazing…instead of having to put on your “fat pants” or yoga pants because you can’t fit into what you would love to be wearing. All of those clothes stashed in the back of your closet, just waiting for you to “lose the weight.”

It’s not a good feeling, but you don’t have to allow these feelings to keep going on. You can stop not only the feelings but the actions plus the patterns and finally create an amazing NEW story for yourself. The only issue, is that you can’t get to THERE from HERE. So how do you start?  Start heading to THERE?

The “there” that holds all of your visions of “thinness” and feeling satisfied at each meal.  Allow me to share with you THE biggest reason why you aren’t THERE and how to take some steps in getting closer to it.


I used to sit and ponder why some women would get results with losing weight and others would not. Or why some women (mainly myself) just couldn’t stick to doing it long enough to get results.  I would start off gung ho, feeling awesome and hopeful like I got this in the bag, to only be met with a wall. It would be so hard to get myself motivated enough AGAIN to get back to it once I fell off.

Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. Whether that was watching how much fat I ate, how many calories I consumed, how many carbs I ate or didn’t eat…it was all the same. I would be excited, get all the food I needed, track my food and begin. Then after a time…a few days, one week or even weeks I would inevitably fall off the wagon. And then getting back on was nearly impossible.

And most times, getting back on took me a month or longer. I didn’t want to have to not be able to eat what I wanted to eat. I hated having to watch every meal, every bite and every calorie. I even more so hated not being able to go out to eat without looking at the menu ahead of time. I just wanted it to be easy. I wanted to live. Lose weight. And wear all the cute and sexy clothing and not be exhausted thinking about food.

And even when I had successful days, days where I was on point, ate in my calorie range…I would see my husband eating a cookie or having some ice cream while watching TV and BAM! The flood gates would open and all that hard work would be undone.

The reason why I couldn’t stick to a diet, why I binged at night and why I was caught up in this cycle of what I call diet hell, was ALL because I thought I had to diet. YES. I thought I had to diet. We are told we have to diet to lose weight. We are told this by EVERYONE!!! Weight loss = diet.

Most nutritionists, doctors, therapists etc…they all tell us this and so we think well, I better find a diet. So, we go off and consume all the diet options. We find one that seems to be the best option, which is really just the less painful option for us and then we just jump right in and do it. Not really thinking there is a better way. A less resistant way to your goal.

My less resistant way, how I got myself to the point I am today which is at a weight I am happy with, in a body I love, and living life on my terms without binging or obsessing every minute about food was from NOT dieting. Or what I call UNDIET. Unfortunately, the very thing we are told to do, which is dieting, is the very thing keeping us not losing the weight. Keeps us spinning our wheels with no traction. It’s keeping us in a cycle of high and low, from losing to regaining the same 20 to 30 lbs. over and over.

So how can we stop this madness? How can you start to stop your own madness?


The first step is from understanding that dieting isn’t the answer.  Not in the sense we think of it as anyway. Diets can work and we have witnessed them working BUT the problem is the longevity. The lasting side of it all.

The dieting we have all come to know is a quick fix. Is something far from true health and steeped with dysfunction.  It lacks the tackling of the root cause to the problem, which isn’t really about the food. So, to go forward into success and toward what I call UNDIETING…is to stop dieting.

This might seem easier said than done but for us women who have lived most of our lives on the diet roller coaster it can leave us feeling panicky. We think if we don’t diet, then we will just keep getting “fatter”. If we aren’t focused on not eating things then we can go off the rails in the opposite direction and end up even worse than we are right now in this moment.

But that is not my experience with it, nor is it all the other women that I help. And if your story is like mine, then you need to start here. Put the diet away and just eat. Yes, just eat. Start by eating by how you feel not calorie count or macro. If you feel fearful and like this will lead to being out of control I want you to feel those feelings. Understand them. They need to be addressed and not buried by dieting or controlled by dieting.

When you are open to feeling fear and understanding your thoughts around it, you can begin to understand the underlying issues even deeper and come to a solution outside of dieting. So, eat…eat what you want and connect with how your body feels doing it. Does it satisfy your hunger?  Does it make you feel full? Bloated? Wanting more?

Think about it and each meal choose what you are to eat based on how you WANT to feel and make that choice for yourself. And again, if feelings come up…address them. See them. Name them. Journal them BUT don’t keep burying them. And the more you do this. The longer you practice eating, feeling, and understanding…the less food will control you and you will control food. But food is more about feeling than the food itself.

Then What?

What about the weight loss? The more you take control, the less the food is controlling you, the better the options you will choose and the less food you will consume too. You never realize how much food you don’t need until you stop obsessing and worrying about it.

But that isn’t the whole story. The less stress you have over food, the more you will be in fat burning mode than storing. The easier you allow eating, the easier the weight will come off and as you keep listening to your body the better it gets. And when that wall is gone, you will be more open to understanding food in such an amazing new way that you can’t help but be happy. Feel more energized and that is a major catalyst into a life you want. A body you want.

But you can’t rush it!!! That’s a diet mindset. A diet mentality. A dieting way of life that will never serve you if you are struggling or have been for years. But maybe you are just tired. I know that I was. Tired of the struggle and feeling exhausted over doing it alone, not sure if what you are doing is going to work, then book your Undiet session with me.

Let’s talk. Explore what’s happening, what you have tried, what has worked…what hasn’t and IF we are a good fit to work together, then I know that I can help you get that monkey off your back and into a life of freedom from food obsession and dieting. I can completely help YOU transform your life but you have to be willing to do the work. You have to act. And I only accept action takers into my program.

So again, if that’s you then book your call with me today. Be blessed my friends.

With Nourishing Love,